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US and China halt WTO dispute over intellectual property

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The US and China have halted their dispute over intellectual property rights at the World Trade Organization until 31 December.

That's according to the WTO dispute panel hearing the case which said said the US asked for the suspension on June 3 and China agreed the next day.

Olive branch?

BBC Radio 5 Live

Wake Up To Money

Donald Trump with Theresa May in the background

More on those remarks by Donald Trump.

He told a news conference with Theresa May yesterday that he promised a "phenomenal" trade deal after the UK leaves the European Union, but added that "everything is on the table" - including the NHS..

What does that mean? Laura Lambie, senior investment director at Investec Wealth and Investment told Radio 5 Live's Wake Up To Money: “At the moment if you are foreign company and wanting to bid for NHS contracts you need to have a subsidiary in the UK... The implication of what Trump is saying is that need not be the case, a US company could bid for contracts and be based in the states.”

She also said there been an "olive branch" in terms of the controversy around Huawei - the mobile internet infrastructure company which the US says is a risk to national security.