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How do you get a pay rise?

BBC Radio 5 Live

Wake Up To Money

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Data on Tuesday showed that wage growth in the UK accelerated to 3.6% in the year to May 2019, the highest rate since 2008, and it means that wages have been outpacing inflation since March 2018.

So how do you get a pay rise? Is the only way to resign?

Sally Bibb of Engaging Minds tells Wake Up to Money that resigning is sometimes the way to get a rise and it is important to "know your worth" and talk to your boss.

There are dos and don'ts. "The first thing is if you are in a profession... that's in demand you are obviously in a stronger position".

"Do your research so you can make your case well, warn your boss that you want to have a conversation, don't just drop it on him or her... do it in a calm way," she says.

Factory-built homes to go up in Egremont

Work's begun in Egremont to create 26 houses, built in modular form in a factory, and delivered to the site.

Artist's impression of modular home
Home Group

The housing association Home Group, which is is replacing the flats on Royal Drive, says it's the first time this construction method has been used in the region.

Home Group says it has tested the concept in the North East, and claims it's twice as fast and more environmentally friendly than traditional building, while maintaining quality.

Mark Carney praises Alan Turing's achievements
The Bank of England governor explains why the computer pioneer was chosen for the new £50 note.