La Liga don di train Cameroon league football skills

Training for coach with players
Image example Training for coach with players

La Liga don train more dan 50 coaches from elite league for improve football for kontri.

Cameroon local football league get problem wit stability, deh no di respect de calendar and plenti changes di spoil de competition sotei football no di improve, Juan Florit, Spanish Football League, La Liga Sport department manager, note.

But de new collaboration wit de Spanish football league, La Liga go fit helep Cameroon for manage local football league beta.

For Juan Florit, na gradual process for helep Cameroon manage dia football league well, wit focus for build more fields and invest for train players.

As 2019/2020 football season dey for corner for September, de two leagues decide for start dis improve management for Cameroon league wit training for coaches.

Image example Juan Florit La Liga sports department manager say de training for coaches na for helep dem for improve tactical knowledge and how deh di take football

"If kontri no get correct coaches, deh no fit develop young players", Juan tell BBC Pidgin.

De training for coaches na for helep dem for improve tactical knowledge and how deh di take football, because na key for develop football, Juan tok.

"Football for any kontri no fit develop, improve, reach higher level wen deh no focus for young players for seka say deh bi future. Na reason dat weh we di tok about long term process for player e progress", e add.

Football need about ten years for develop talent so e good for work for two ways, finance, build fields and for de oda hand train coaches, de expert talk.

Juan say even if de coaches bi for top flight league deh need for get players for base and develop young talents, push de teams for start good academies, if talent no di reach elite teams deh no get future.

De good tin na say Cameroon get de culture and football tradition, talented players, but need coaches and facilities, de sport manager, tok.

Image example Training for Cameroon league coaches

Nkabyo Martin Noumeh, coach for Northwest Cameroon club, Young Sports Academy, say de training don helep dem for improve dia technical and professional skills.

"We go use de knowledge for improve technical quality for football. We understand say Spanish pipo di put importance for players weh deh understand de game, di use dia head for play, tactics and no focus only be for physical game", de coach tok.

Quality for game depend for de kana fields dem, and goment di try for build new fields dem, de coac add.

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