ASAP Rocky: America rapper dey guilty of assault, escape prison sentence

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Court for Sweden don find American rapper ASAP Rocky guilty of assault afta im fight pesin for Stockholm.

Di court give di 30-year-old suspended sentence for di fight wey im fight for June.

ASAP Rocky spend nearly one month for custody afta di assault but dem release am later before di court judgement.

Two members of ASAP Rocky crew, Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers, also dey guilty as dem too follow fight according to di court.

For inside statement, court say "di assault no dey too serious for dem to send di rapper go prison." Dem therefore sentence "di defendants to conditional sentences."

ASAP Rocky and im lawyers claim say di fight na self-defence against two men wey bin dey follow dia group.

But di court say di three men bin "no dey for situation wia dem dey entitled to self-defence" and write for dia verdict say dem "hit and kick di victim as im lie for ground."

Di rapper go pay "damages to di victim of di assault wey be 19-year-old refugee as dem go against im integrity and also for di pain and suffering," na so di court tok.

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